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This blog included. "So, as I said, Kalamas: 'Don't go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, "This contemplative is our teacher." When you know for yourselves that, "These qualities are unskillful; these qualities are blameworthy; these qualities are criticized by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to harm & to suffering" — then you should abandon them.' Thus was it said. And in reference to this was it said.

"Now, Kalamas, don't go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, 'This contemplative is our teacher.' When you know for yourselves that, 'These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness' — then you should enter & remain in them. Buddha - Kalama Sutta

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hanuman's leap

Wonderful image of Hanuman's return journey from here . Thank you Susan for giving me permision to use it

Finally got up to this famous scene this afternoon. It's wonderful, I tried to find it online so I could share it and came across a site, with the wholeof The Ramayana, in the original, in translation and in both prose and verse, gotta love the net.

'... About to fly, Hanuma jolted his tail, which was rolled into a circle from top to bottom, and which was covered with hair, just as Garuda, the king of birds would jolt a snake. Receiving his vigor, the tail curled at his back was seen like a great serpent being stolen by Garuda. Hanuma firmly supported his arms (on the mountain surface) which resembled huge iron clubs, crouched the waist and contracted his feet.
Bending shoulders and neck, that mighty and glorious Hanuma, increased his energy, strength and courage. With his eyes raised up, seeing the way from a distance, viewing the sky, he held his breath in his heart. That mighty Hanuma, equal to an elephant among monkeys and the best among Vaanaraas, stood firmly with his legs, bent his ears and before flying spoke these words to the Vaanaraas.
"I will go to the city of Lanka, ruled by Ravana just like an arrow released by Rama will go, with wind-like speed. If I do not see the daughter of Janaka there, I will go with the same speed to the abode of gods. If I do not see Seetha there in heaven, I will get Ravana the king of raakshasaas tied up in chains without any effort. I will, in all events, return successfully along with Seetha or I will get Lanka along with Ravana after uprooting it."
The best among Vaanaraas, Hanuma, spoke in this way to Vaanaraas and then without thinking about anything else, flew up with lot of vigor. That great monkey also thought himself equal to Garuda, the king of birds. While he was flying up, due to that force, all trees on that mountain flew away in all directions, drawing together all their branches.
While flying in the sky, he took along with him, because of the force of his thighs, trees shining with flowers and with fattened lapwing birds. The trees thus being held aloft by the speed of Hanuma's thighs, followed him for a while just as relatives would follow their loved ones embarking on a long journey.
Uprooted by the force of Hanuma's thighs, Sal and other excellent trees followed Hanuma like soldiers following their king. Hanuma the great monkey presented a wonderful sight, with his mountain-like appearance together with the well flowered trees.
After that, powerful trees sank into the salt ocean like mountains sinking into ocean due to fear of Mahendra. That Hanuma who was equal to a cloud, covered with flowers of various kinds, shoots and buds, shone like a mountain with fireflies. Those trees which were released by Hanuma's speed, dropped flowers and fell down in the water like friends going back after bidding farewell to their dear one. Set in motion by the wind from the movement of Hanuma, that variety of blossom, with various hues, from the trees fell down into the sea. That great ocean shone like the sky filled with stars.
Hanuma shone like a cloud in the sky decorated by lightening, with flowers of various hues sticking to his body. That sea water looked like the sky with delightful stars rising up, with flowers flown up by Hanuma's speed. That sky-borne Hanuma's arms which were spread out, were seen like five-headed serpents coming out of a mountain's peak.
That great monkey shone like one who is drinking the great sea together with its waves. He also seemed like one who desires to drink the whole of sky. The eyes of that Hanuma, who was following the path of sky, which had a brilliance equal to that of lightening, were shining like two fires on a mountain.
The round, wide, reddish brown eyes of Hanuma, the best among the monkeys shone like fully risen sun and moon. The ruddy face of Hanuma, with His reddish face shone like the Sun touched by twilight. The tail of Hanuma, the son of Vayu floating in the sky, being risen up looked like the pillar erected in honour of Indra.
The great intellectual Hanuma, with his great body, and with white teeth, shone like the Sun, being surrounded by his circular tail. That great monkey Hanuma, with his red colored buttocks, shone like a mountain with a large deposit of red Gairika herb broken into pieces.
Air passing through the lion among monkeys Hanuma's arm pits sounded like a thundering cloud. The best among monkeys Hanuma flying thus in the sky, looked like a meteor darting away with great speed in the sky from northern direction. With a fast pace equaling that of Sun god, the tall Hanuma shone like an elephant which increases its size when being festered by a rope.
Then Hanuma who was flying above the ocean with his body above the ocean and his shadow being immersed in the sea below, looked like a boat being driven by wind. Whatever place Hanuma went towards on the ocean, that place became agitated due to the force of thighs.
That great monkey with great speed flew in the sky striking with his chest series of waves which had a great body like that of mountains. Wind from the mighty Hanuma and the wind released from the clouds caused the ocean with a fearful sound to shake a lot.
Hanuma flew in the sky dragging along with him big waves from the ocean as though he were sprinkling them in the sky. Hanuma with great speed crossed waves which were equal to Mount Meru and Mount Mandara, that had risen up in the sea, as if counting them...'

And a link to the version I'm reading

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