Tuesday, 19 June 2012

On two week solo practice/study retreat

Packing for retreat now so will be away from the blog for the next couple of weeks. 
(Will try to update Yogasanagalu or Heart stopping article post when translations comes in).
Comments are on hold (moderation) until I get back.


I'll be staying back of the Island, right over there by the beach

Manduka Santorini Prolite

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From Ramaswami Yoga for the Three Stages of Life

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  1. Is this an organized retreat, or do you mean you are off on holiday?

    Either way, it looks nice. Very similar to something I did with Lino in a quant little Italian village, about 8 years ago.

  2. Just a thought;

    This would be super place for regular-readers to outline their practice routine at top-level, and times. It would be very interesting incite into each others approach. (Tony, delete this comment if you're not supportive of this. It's cheeky of me, as it's your blog I guess).

    I would love to know how we all do what we do, without spending hours going from blog to blog.

  3. Very nice Grimmly, envious a bit, two weeks just for practice and on these texts, going within, beautiful!

    As per Steve's comment , I don't want to sound shamelessly self promoting but I have been using tdp.me, where I can track and write what i do daily and share it with others if i chose to.

    The website is from James, and I am working on having a yoga-specific tracking system so one can write down not only the pranayama ratios or meditation times but also what we did regarding yamas, niyamas etc... I am excited about it :-)

  4. Organized retreat Steve, me? : )

    No, not really just wanted to get away somewhere quiet where I could practice, kind of like on my day off but for a couple of weeks.

    Wanted to explore those long practices of Krishnamacharya in yogasanagalu etc, have enough time to dwell in some postures, add as many variations as I like and still have time for an hour of pranayama and another of meditation and then be able to do it again at noon and at dusk.

    Wanted to do a close reading of the Arnaya comnmentaRY too.

    Thought the Ancient philosophy book was a nice touch, link the classical world with Samkhya etc.

    Not interested in being taught a new posture or tidying up my alignment or receiving an adjustment other than what the slowing of the breath witll give me.

    Would perhaps make a nice organaized retreat though no? Somewhere people could go and practice together three times a day for as long as they want and perhaps a reading/study group or two.

  5. 'outline their practice routine at top-level' What did you mean by top level? do you mean their ideal practice when everything is going well?

    or how they would like to practice if they had a week free from work or with the kids at the grandparents etc.

  6. Hi Claudia, just noticed tdp.me via Han, sorry James on fb, must let me know more about it when it's set up and I'll do a post.
    Remember ramaswami recommended reflecting on ones meditation practice for a few minutes afterwards and also how 'yogic' your day was ( how true you were to the yamas and niyamas, areas to be more mindful etc) just before going to sleep. And as you suggest it's something you can keep private if you want to. I prefer to do it in my head but I can see how writing it down might appeal, something you can refer back to more easily just as we do our asana in progress videos.

  7. Enjoy the change of venue. Beautiful photos of your retreat location. Wishing you lots of progress.

  8. G, that is very interesting I must have missed that post where you talked about Ramaswami recommending the reflection part...

    HA HA, Han Solo... guess that is his name from now on for the inner group hee hee

    I find it very interesting to have questions that I am reminded to answer at the end of the day... for example: Did you have harming thoughts? did you actualy harm someone? What were your intentions behind things etc...

    So yes, it is in development and it has the four goals now, but I will build my own goals within physical emotional and spiritual to add the yamas and niyamas... so I can remember every day...

    Glad you think the idea can help too! :-)

    I will let you know when I set up the yoga idea so you can see it clearly

  9. Thanks Serene, looking forward to jumping in the sea after practice, there's also the site of Ancient Thira just up the road which appeals to the old Classicist in me

  10. Not sure I've done a post on it Claudia but I should, something Ramaswami talked about, sure he must mention it in Yoga for the three stages of life somewhere too.

  11. Actually, all I meant by the 'top level' remark, was that I often wonder what time people routinely unroll their mats, and do their asana practice, and where does their pranayama (if practiced), sit with that? Simple as that really. Definitely didn't mean listing asanas etc.

  12. Oh, and by the way, I only just noticed that the place you are going to is Santorini Park!

    In May, my wife and I went here:

    A Thai resort, that was modeled on where you are actually going. It was amazing.

  13. Enjoy, I´d like to do things like that. Nice post that make me think to manage time for my practice for going deeper.
    The blog will burn after your retreat with very good insight. Thanks for sharing your passion, study and recreation on yoga life.

  14. Sorry Steve, 'Top level' threw me for a moment.
    What time everyone practice, whether they practice pranayama and or meditation and when, that would be interesting, will think of an angle for a post on it.

    Think readers of the blog or those passing through via the blog roll are still mostly Ashtangis and there's still that resistance to pranayama and meditation, not everyone's into a traditional practice but there does seem to be a lot of alternative meditation practices on the side, a little zen, vipassana, mindfulness for example. Perhaps i should do one of those little questionnaire things.

    Yes, i remember seeing some pictures of you and your wife at the 'amusement shopping experience', quite bizarre.

  15. Thanks Oscar. The more I think about it the more I like the idea, a retreat where you just go and practice without having to worry about other daily commitments.

    The difference from other retreats would be that your not going there for a workshop, to learn anything new, or even have your alignment tweaked but just to have more time for your own practice.

    You want to practice for two hours, three, fine no problem. Certain postures you'd like to stay in longer or do repeats, again, take as long as you want. Add on pranayama, meditation or do it at a different time of day completely up to you.

    Perhaps two rooms a practice room and a 'quiet room' both open and available all day long where you can practice as many times as you like.

  16. Are you gonna treat us with some practice video on your youtube channel? Envy...

  17. There might be one video anon but I've maxed out my cameras sd card already.

    Into my second week here on Santorini now. All going to plan so far, getting through the the Aranya YC commentary, Vyasa you old phenomenologist.
    Loving my pranayama practice 80 rounds every morning, taking around 90 minutes, forty rounds in the evening. Mostly practicing Krishnamacharya's Ashtanga Primary and middle group, middle in the morning, primary in the evening, taking around two hours what with some of the longer stays.
    Had my first led Ashtanga class ever this morning, held in a restaurant bar, kind of outside, just a grass roof and looking out on the ocean. Nice to pop in for a swim after practice. class was enjoyable and will be going back for more on Friday and Monday.
    I fly back Tuesday.



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