This blog is essentially 'sleeping'.

I've deleted or returned to draft 80% of the blog, gone are most, if not all, of the videos I posted of Pattabhi Jois, gone are most of the posts regarding my own practice as well as most of my practice videos in YouTube, other than those linked to my Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book).

Mostly I've just retained the 'Research' posts, those relating to Krishnamacharya in particular.

Blog Comments are turned off, there are no "members" of this blog .

Some suggested posts 2008-Present

It's been pointed out more than once that this blog is a pain to find your way around in, obviously I never expected to be posting for this long or this often. 

At the end of each year I put up a list of the years posts and in later years post suggestions for each month. The later years include photos and links.

I intend to go back through the previous years and pick out some suggested post and include links and photos for those too, this page then is a work in progress.

I think there are a handful of  good posts and pages buried away, some that are perhaps useful but so much of the blog (most of it no doubt) is embarrassing nonsense that makes me cringe somewhat looking back. 

I'm tempted weed through but perhaps there is certain naive charm in it as it is, a document of somebody trying to make some kind of sense of their practice,










See also perhaps my awkward series of posts

Developing a home practice Parts 1-35

I received an email this from A. this week asking me how I started and I guess developed my home practice. I was going to direct her to the link to these Developing a home practice posts but it tends to link to the most recent first. This then is an attempt to put it all in the correct order. Bit awkward doing this so let me know if I've screwed up any of the links.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 11b Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15Part 15b Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21Part 21b Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26a Part 26b Part 27 Parts 28, 29 and 30 Part 32 Part 33 Part 34 Part 35.

2008 My year in posts

2008 (89)

December (19)
Better Jump Through
St. Nick gave me Eka pada Sirsasana C for christma...
Jump Through needs work.
Press to handstand . Did I just..........
Press to handstand update.... a little closer
Eka Pada Sirsasana C transition. Some Confusion
Coming up from Urdva Danurasana (first attempts)
Working towards the Press to handstand
Beginning Intermediate transitions.
Press to handstand madness
When to start Intermediate if your home practice
New sheriff in town : Lydia from Squamish BC. Pelv...
7 of 7 Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
6 of 7 Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
5 of 7 Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
4 of 7. Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
3 of 7. Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
2 of 7. Seven elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through
1 of 7. Seven Elements that helped me achieve the Jump back and through

November (7)
Why this obsession with Jump Back. Letter to Japan...
Jump Back Achieved: At last, the Jump Back I always wanted
Changing from morning to afternoon practice
Solved Jump Back problem
A week without Ashtanga, Venice and Cat fleas
Jump back: how to make your arms 2 Inches longer
Why I haven't posted for a week

October (18)
Jumping back from forward bend.
Backbend and drop back videos on Youtube
Jump Back: pushing up rather than lifting up.
Came across some new Jump back videos
New problems with my jump back and jump through
Manduka eQua yoga Towel Arrived
Kino MacGregor Primary Series DVD Review
Working towards leg behind head asanas and jumping...
Early handstand work
One way of working towards Kino's Jump Through
Home made Non-slip Yoga towel
Chakrasana ( 3 of 3 )
Kino style Jump Through and how to make a home mad...
Owning my practice
Chakrasana Redux ( 2 of3 )
Chakrasana The Roll back (1 of 3 )
KINO MACGREGOR: a workshop, a journey : Jump back ...

September (12)
Second Mysore class
Alternative to a Yogitoes Skidless yoga towel
Flicking through Lino Miele's Ashtanga Yoga book
Straight leg jump through, a cold and a Netti pot....
Jumping back on a Mysore rug
Thinking about going to your first Mysore class? A...
Matthew Sweeney's new book Vinyasa Krama
Kino Mcgregor Jump Back
Moola bandha Jump back: good days, bad days
Moola Bandha in the Bath
Manduka mat review
September Jump Back on new Manduka mat ( Jump back...

August (15)
Comparing Screenshot of my Jump back with Sharath,...
Intermediate: all you need is a manduka mat
Using screenshots to Compare the Jump Back of Shar...
Jump Back: Improving lift off
Jump back Coordination: Ujjayi and uddiyana
Jump back: all you need is a Manduka mat
2 Ashtanga accident videos : Dropping back to head...
Call to Bloggers: Any old posts on your struggles ...
Jump Back's little brother, The drop back
My Jump backs STUNK this morning
Reply to comment on Jump back after Baddha konasan...
Mat or Rug for jump back : Should you buy a Mysore...
Does everything else suffer by focusing on the jum...
Key areas to work on to PREPARE for the jump back....
Lift off: Pulling knees up to keep feet closer to ...

July (18)
The handle: Lifting up from the Manubrium (Jalandh...
Moolah Bandah and lost action
Best practice ever!
Hmmmm... interesting. Approaching jump back from j...
Links to jump back articles
Puzzle metaphor for jump back
Buhujapidasana and it's role in jump back practice...
So close I can almost tase it!
Lifting up
Straight legs or bent in Jump through
Crossing ankles higher up the leg
Ashtanga with Bricks
Planned future posts
Lift up practice tip to avoid frustration
Grip socks
Notes from my Jump back notebook
Favourite jump back videos on youtube
Jumping back

2009 My year in posts

I was flicking through the years post's like a photo album this week. Marked some of my favorites in red, though you would need to go to the archive if you wanted to read them, (bit confusing perhaps as they go from bottom to top).

Some personal favorites were the two week Karandavasana challenge, the cold drop back challenge and the jump through blindfolded. Dropping back and coming up from Kapo and UD were quite important to me as was grabbing the heels in Kapo and coming up in Karnada. The Vinyasa Krama encounter was perhaps the highlight of my yoga year. Until then I was pretty much just bouncing up and down on a mat. VK got me thinking about what it was I was practicing and what it was I really wanted from my practice. Still working through that.

Three hundred posts last year, I think next year will be a lot less as it's going to be more a case of consolidating and tidying up my practice. Some workshops perhaps and maybe even some Shala visits.

Happy New Year to everyone who's stopped by and especially those who commented, even the negative comments have made me think about this thing we do. Wish you all a good and consistent practice next year.

▼ January (30)
Attempting to come up after Drop back into Urdhva ...
Latest on attempt to come up from UD
Matthew Sweeney Drop back excercise seems to be wo...
Drop back ; Matthew Sweeney's hang back excercise
Coming up from Urdhva Danhurasana ,some suggestion...
Dropback !
Building up to the Drop Back to Urdhva Dhanurasan...
Working up to Dropping back
Vrischikasana : The camera LIES
Coming up from UD attempt: gaining some control
Rockin' the Breath
Best Kapotasana yet, Thanks to all that work on co...
Another attempt at coming up from Urdhva Dhanurasa...
Towards coming up from Urdhva Dhanurasana
Jumping into Bakasana : Pelvis in space
Had my first Ashtanga dream : Kapotasana
Towards karandavasana Part 2
Working towards karandavasna
Latest Jump back : Lifting up from staff
Work in progress: Ushtrasana to Kapotasana - Backb...
More Kapotasana (yawn) and "If you can do Langhvaj...
Towards coming up from Urdhva Dhanurasana ( wheel ...
Kapotasana breakthrough?
50 ways to practice Ashtanga
Kapotasana....wasn't a fluke then
First Dropback into Kapotasana
Kino MacGregor coming to town
Straight leg Jump Through - The Toe Breaker
Are my arms too short? Paul Grilley DVD Anatomy fo...
Free online Mindfulness Meditation Course just sta...

▼ February (20)
Dropback: On sticking out my backside, continued
Jumping through ( The breath ) Follow up
Garbha Pindasana, at last!
Dropping back : Back in the saddle
Jump Through breath sequence
Pancake Day flip flops
At last, an office chair that allows full lotus.
Marichyasana series Jump backs
Press to hand.......Ouch! Plus, back in the backb...
Capturing Ashtanga Videos and converting to slow m...
How to make a slow motion Jump back movie in Quick...
Practicing when sick and Handstand progress
In case your missing the Back bending
Wrist protection gloves for handstand practice etc...
Building strength for Jump Back : Lolasana excerci...
Feb jump back
Press to handstand update ( Backbends on hold for ...
Dropback screenshots
Floating up : excuse to test new Free video softwa...
Dropping back / Coming up : Screenshot comparison

▼ March (35)
Day 11 Karandavasana Richard Freeman's two week ch...
Day 10 towards Karandavasana
Day 9 Towards..... coming up from Karandavasana Sl...
Day 8 Towards karandavasana - The goose has landed...
karandavasana Youtube movie links etc
Black and white Ashtanga movies
Day 7 Towards Karandavasana
Day 6 Towards Karandavasana
First time jumping into Bhujapidasana and Tittibha...
March Kapotasana
Day 5 Towards Karandavasana
DAY 4 Towards karandavasana
March Jump back Jump through. Raging Bull effect
DAY 2 Karandavasana, Sirasana Variation
DAY 1 Karandavasana "This pose is quite challengi...
March Holiday practice, Some Intermediate progress...
Reflections on holiday practice.
Managed to come up from Kapotasana
Kapotasana : taking the arms back to grab the ankl...
A close shave in Intermediate
Appear to have solved my Jump through breath probl...
Kapotasana progress
Progress in the Eka Pada Sirasana series
And one that didn't go so well........
More tick tock work, sans wall
Towards Tick Tocks : Handstand to Backbend
Holiday practice
Coming up from Laghuvajrasana and Improved Kapo
10 days off.....Tick-tacs????
Dropping back and Coming up, best so far and compa...
Backbend work: Hangs, Drops and Ups
Just to keep things in perspective : 2nd attempt a...
First time coming up from UD in Slow motion
I came up ! ( First time coming up from Urdhva Dh...

▼ April (42)
Towards Navasana to handstand
Developing a Home practice Part 10
Developing a home practice Part 9
Developing a Home practice Part 8
Developing a home practice Part 7
Developing a home practice part 6
Developing a home practice Part 5
Developing a home practice part 4
Developing a home practice part 3
Developing a home practice Part 2
Developing a home practice Part 1
Road testing the Yogitoes Skidless
Tidying up my Vinyasa
Jump back Screenshots David Swenson
Jump Back Screenshots, Lino Miele
Jump Back Screenshots, Sharath
Jump back Screenshots John Scott
Jump back Screen shots Kino Macgregor
Navasana to handstand (cheat version)
Half lotus jump back
Finaly my Yogitoes is on it's way
Kapotasana...what else......
Kapotasana Side grabbing the heel
Karadavasana ..... when it all goes horribly wrong...
First proper...ish Supta Kurmasana, don't have to ...
Jump back from half and full lotus
Sharath's Primary series DVD , Getting my kit off ...
Kapotasana side grab....touched my heel
Where does instruction come from?
Unassisted Supta Vajrasana for Billy no mates
Richard Freeman's 14 day day Karandavasana challen...
The toe grab in Supta Vajrasana and Baddha Padmasa...
Towards Supta Vajrasana
kapotasana , To strap or not to strap
Some great videos on Youtube at the moment
Jumping on the band wagon
Day 14 Towards Karandavasana ; Richard Freeman's ...
Richard Freeman's 14 day Karandavasana challenge
Day 13 Towards Karadavasana
Day 1 Towards Gandha Bherundasana
Day 12 Towards Karandavasana - At last, some lift...

▼ May (38)
108 Sun Salutations UPDATE
Developing a Home practice part 21a, Beginning Int...
First Primary after the split.
Switching to Intermediate : Splitting the practice...
Developing a home practice part 20. Morning schedu...
Coming Soon Nov 09 Ashtanga Yoga - The Intermediat...
Developing a home practice Part 19 Room Temperatur...
Developing a Home practice, Part 18 Niggling inju...
More Asana Cartoons
Making your own Asana Cartoons
Chasing the Duck, Plan B Urdhva Kukkutasana A, upd...
Developing a home practice Part 17, Cybershala
Karandavasana Week Catching the Duck Day 7 resumed...
Karandavasana Chasing the duck resumed. Day 6, Fir...
Yoga Towels. Manduka eQua Vs Yogitoes
Karandavasana week : Chasing the duck Redux
Developing a home practice Part 16, Ashtanga, What...
Karandavasana Week , watching the duck disappear o...
Developing a Home practice Part 15c Visiting a Sha...
Karandavasana Week : Chasing the duck, Day 6 Postp...
Karandavasana Week : Chasing the Duck Day 5, pm
Developing a Home practice Part 15b Visiting a Sha...
Karandavasana Week : Chasing the Duckling Day 5
Developing a home practice Part 15a Visiting a sha...
karandavasana Week : Chasing the Duck, day 4
Karandavasana week : Stalking the Duck Day 3, pm
Karandavasana Week: Chasing the Duck day 3, am
Karandavasana Week: Chasing the Duck day 2
Karandavasana Week: Chasing the Duck day 1
Dropback: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere ?
Developing a Home practice Part 13
karandavasana .......eventually
Developing a Home practice Part 12 Blogging on the...
Supta Kurmasana via Dwi pada Sirsasana LEFT LEG FI...
POP QUIZ Dwi Pada Sirasana, Can you work out what ...
Developing a home practice 11b staying motivated
Developing a Home practice Part 11a Staying motiva...

▼ June (22)
Primary and intermediate after two weeks of Vinyas...
Straight leg jump through Part III Finally!
Straight leg jump through Part II Somethings happ...
Lino Miele - Straight Jump through Part I
3rd series and 'The Fear' Hanumansana.
Leg behind head month
Struggling on to the mat
Leg behind head Sub-Routine
Vinyasa Krama
Developing a Home practice Part 23. Then and Now.
Vinyasa Krama . Part of one legged sequence, Stand...
New imac ! New game ! Spot the blog
Eka pada Sirasana , Ramaswami approach.
Mula bandha '....helps to pull the pelvis off the ...
Press to handstand, navasana to handstand, coming ...
Book review. The complete book of Vinyasa Yoga by ...
Developing a Home Practice Part 22. This practice ...
Unassisted Supta Vajrasana for Billy no mates
First time coming up from Urdhva Dhanurasana
Floating Bakasana B
Lack of motivation for 2nd / getting on the mat + ...
Developing a Home practice part 21b, Approaching I...

▼ July (21)
Gone Fishing : UPDATED
Good Intermediate practice this morning ( What!)
Intermediate Kapotasana Progress
20% off anything in Manduka's online store, for re...
New Tenugui + Salabhasana progress
Sayanasana , Yoga journal shoot
The Exit ( Chatwari ? ) Karandavasana , Viparita S...
Making friends with Intermediate series
Really nice practice this morning
Video review : Ashtanga Yoga Encinitas California ...
SKPJ Ashtanga, Encinitas, DVD 3RD series + first ...
Ashtanga Yoga, Encinitas DVD arrived + Chuck Mille...
Learn to love Intermediate month
Using the itouch to work through a series
How to do a Straight leg Jump through blindfolded ...
My Jump Back Feb 08 to Present
Intermediate at 75%
Bandhas : Eating my words?
Karandavasana progress June 09
Developing a Home practice Part 24. DIET
Exploring 3rd series

▼ August (5)
Vinyasa Krama : Hasta variations
Vinyasa Krama's Maha Mudra
Vinyasa Krama Home practice routine UPDATED
Vinyasa Krama daily practice sheet
Returning to Ramaswami's Vinyasa Krama

▼ September (26)
Alternate or additional Leg behind head preparatio...
Full Vinyasa Intermediate + Kino's Intermediate DV...
Full Vinyasa Primary
Lino Miele Primary Full Vinyasa DVD - Updated
Day off : What to practice?
Developing a home practice part 26b. Vinyasa Krama...
Hanumanasana : Flying monkey god subroutine
When did yoga take over my life?
Vinyasa Krama Hands locked behind back sub-routine...
The Yoga tradition of the Mysore Palace By N. E. S...
Vinyasa Krama Kapotanasana ?
3rd Primary, more critical.
Ashtanga Intermediate Vinyasa Krama style
' Rechaka and Puraka as fully and as much as...
Ashtanga Primary in A Vinyasa Krama fame of mind
La belle Dame sans merci
Torn between two lovers
Leg behind head sub-routine from Vinyasa Krama's A...
Vinyasa Krama Lotus Sequence, favourite asanas
Developing a home practice part 26a. Vinyasa Krama...
How to turn your Ashtanga practice into a Vinyasa ...
Todays practice, Basic framework plus Lotus Sequen...
Individual Asana sequences in the book. “The Compl...
A daily Vinyasakrama practice. From Mr Ramaswami's...
Developing a home practice Part 25 Vinyasa Krama a...

▼ October (27)
Getting more curl in your backbends
Exploring Pranayama
Long headstands
Playing with Vinyasa Krama arm positions as prep f...
Knee's still playing up.
A real pain in the....... knee
20 things to focus on during practice
Number 48 (Reluctantly), Oh and a big ass yellow S...
This mornings practice 7, 13, 15, 17, 29 and 46 (s...
How many way can you think of to practice Ashtanga...
How do you maintain your motivation for home pract...
Kapotasana in perspective
Kapotasana , first time grabbing my heels
Best Karandavasana blooper and something a little ...
Karandavasana latest
PCM : Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting
Intermediate.... beginning to look beautiful
Kapotasana Progress videos Dec 08 to present
Press to handstand and float back up to Uttanasana...
Kapotasana update
What happened to Vinyasa Krama?
Ashtanga, Why the change from Full to half vinyasa...
Levitating at work

▼ November (27)
What do I really want from my practice?
Purna Matsyrendrasana
Exploring 3rd Series; Purna Matsyendrasana
Original Advanced A series (from Swenson's DVD )
Exploring 3rd series; Viranchyasana A, (first part...
Exploring 3rd series ; Viranchyasana B
Exploring 3rd Series ; Astavakrasana
Exploring 3rd series ; Urdhva Kukkutasana
Solo Supta Vajrasana blooper
3rd series and Kino's Intermediate DVD
Knee injury and Vinyasa Krama
Walking in Urdhva Dhanurasana 2, grazing the heel
Backbend month Dropback and up x3
Curved back / Straight back ? Drishte?
Part 2 of Sharath and Uddiyana Bandha in Karandava...
Dropback progress Jan 09 to present ( inc. two att...
Walking in Urdhva Dhanurasana
Part 1 Sharath and Uddiyana Bandha in Karandavasan...
Yoga towel : New Silicone Dot mat/towel
Teaching or Sharing
Why I don't go to a Shala
Kapotasana heels! + Kapo prep Part 2
Kapotasana preparation; lunges. Part 1
To be continued.......
First press to handstand (Arturo update)
Update with Video notes for Arturo
Sharath in conference

▼ December (17)
Purna Matysendrasana, without falling
Revisiting Advanced A
Krounchasana : The one I said I'd never post
Winter practice.
Jumping back from Eka Pada and Dwi Pada Sirasana
Leg behind head progress Eka and Dwi Pada Sirasana...
Going to be a cold practice tomorrow
STOP PRESS: 6th Series revealed at last
Neglected Nakrasana
Mayurasana ..... in search of a swan neck.
Podcast: Kino on Ashtanga
Yoganidrasana , my old way and now the new way
Sweaty Pasasana
UPDATED : 'Wow, I'm superman!' Pre-practice Epsom ...
Krama a pose in here and Krama a pose in there'
Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama
Ashtanga Yoga - The Intermediate Series: Anatomy a...

2010 My year in posts

I remember doing this last year ( 311 posts) and finding it curious seeing the year at a glance. Links to all these are on the right side of the blog.

Highlight of the year has to be the Vinyasa Krama TT course that ran from June to July. I'm still profoundly moved by the generosity and patience of Ramaswami's teaching. Also, as a home yogi, I never expected to take such delight in practicing with others as I did that month. Allow me to take this opportunity to send my best wishes and gratitude to Ramaswami and everyone who attended the course and classes LMU this summer.

The rest of the year has pretty much been an attempt to achieve some degree of balance to/between my Ashtanga and Vinyasa krama practice(s)

Happy New year to all the readers of this blog, thank you for all the comments ( yes all of them : ) Love to hear from you if you've haven't commented yet and let me know if you have anything in particular you'd like me to post on.

2010 (189 posts)

December (17)
David Williams' Complete Ashtanga Syllabus poster
Achieving balance
Christmas Morning practice : Festive Monkey mind
Winter wear and Ganda bherundasana
Practicing at home : Viranchyasana A, Christmas dinner
Updates : Pandava diet, Kandasana, Pungu kukkutasana
The Supta K shuffle
Old videos and new
The Complete Ashtanga Yoga Syllabus demonstrated by David Williams
I seem to have the hump in downward dog
Grimmly, write out 100 times.....
Yoga, health is a byproduct.
Vinyasa Krama tool kit : Primary without the forward bends
The Vinyasa Krama toolkit does it again,
Mark Togni's 4th Series and some encouraging words
'...the pandava's like the Yogi's, were eating once a day
Ramaswami's December 2010 newsletter; Story of Durvasana

November (19)
Yoga and Cricket
Medicinal Advanced A
Garbha Pindasana in Winter
Vinyasa krama, my 3rd series.
'Ashtanga is who I am, Vinyasa Krama who I'd like to be
Vinyasa Krama liberated
Towards Kandasana update
Can't wait.....
Regaining the discipline: A new pose.
The Dread
Rebuilding the discipline. First six morning Ashtanga practice for...
Rebuilding the discipline. I'm struggling here!
First intermediate series in a month
Did I dream those backbends?
Light on Yoga
That hurt.
Ashtanga Primary ; The stench of a detox practice....
Srivatsa Ramaswami"s November 2010 Newsletter-Yajnyavalkya

October (20)
Back on the mat
Out of action
UPDATED : 45 minute headstand, macrobiotics etc
30 minute headstand inc. variations,
Primary Mantra Japa : drishti for the mind
Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama at Home in Japanese... or ...
Core Vinyasa Krama asana : 5 minute Shoulderstand
Towards Viparita Dandasana UPDATED.... again
Core vinyasa krama asana : Five minute Paschimatanasana
First attempt to replicate the Mcafe Big Macro burger
Core Vinyasa Krama asana :10 minute headstand
Purna Matsyendrasana, after lunch on the Vinyasa Krama course
Looking at my morning Vinyasa Krama practice
from the practice diary
...talking of touchdown's, Hanumanasana, Oh and Ma...
Prasarita Padottanasana C Touchdown
Developing a home Practice Pt 27 Sept 09- Sept...
Ramaswami's Oct. 2010 Newsletter on the Five Koshas

September (13)
A short, vigorous evening practice.
Tirumular's Thirumandiram
Hanuman's leap
Injuries and Vinyasa Krama
Baddha padmasana, Supta vajrasana
Updated: Miscellaneous; Mouse, Ramayana, Coccyx, etc
Friday Primary
Asana madness
3rd, Primary and 2nd series that order
Response to "Yoga Gymnastique"
Moon days in Vinyasa Krama ?
Yoga Gymnastique

August (17)
Vinyasa Krama Meditative poses sequence
backbends ......behind the scenes
Tapas poses : On one leg sequences
Mantra meditation : Gayatrii Japam, 1008
New Vinyasa Krama Yoga Blog, sequences and subroutines
Aparigraha : A story
Two week Tadasana challenge
Garbha pindasana - getting the arms through
Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana after standard Kapo
The itouch and the modern Yogi
My two ideal Vinyasa Krama practices
One more leg raise, Tirang mukkha Uttanasana
"...Forgive me for setting my feet and walking on ...
From the practice diary : Shorter practice
From the practice diary
August 2010 Newsletter from Srivatsa Ramaswami—2010 VK TT course feedback
Lotus to headstand from Vinyasa Krama Lotus sequence

July (10)
The grip; Natajarasana and Eka pada raja kapotasana
The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga : Subroutines
Free time on the Vinyasa Krama 200 hour TT course
Work in progress ; Leg raises
Flotation tank yoga
Siva gave me Karandavasana back for my birthday.
Q&A Vinyasa Krama 200 hr TT course
First VK practice after getting home.
From Ramaswami's Vinyasa Krama 200 Hr TT course
Story Time : From Ramaswami's July 2010 Newsletter

June (4)
500th post, Ashtanga Jump Back remembered
Alternative reading of Yoga,
'Come up from the hips first'.
Aching bones, four days minimal yoga

May (18)
Podcast on Prana, Pranayama and Kundalini
The dread of 2nd, gone AWOL
VK On your feet / Tadasana sequence
Aches and pains, 'tis but a scratch, I've had worse
Summer Shala
Peter Brook's Mahabharata
New Evening practice, Prep for Pranayama and meditation
A Joyous 2nd and backbend progress
Manduka prolite ? UPDATE picked up a Prana Eco hmm...
Developing a home practice Parts 1-26
Latest dropback plus checklist
' is a solitary journey...
Jazz and Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama; more form, more ...
Yoga and Bronchial Asthma
I saw my toes! Towards Viparita salabhasana & Ganda B
Kino MacGregor's podcast, The Power of the Breath

April (15)
kapotasana, heels from the air. Part II
Grabbing heels from the air. Part I
Full body Mudra
Vinyasa Krama Seated-angle pose subroutine
Epiphany. Deep down, I'm an Ashtangi
Sivananda Yoga, Alice through the looking glass.
Press to handstand, handstands, float ups
Zafu! Where have you been all my meditating life?
Vinyasa Krama Lotus sequence Speeded up x 4
Vinyasa Krama Bow sequence Speeded up x 4
Adapted Bow and Seated sequence.
Vinyasa Krama Seated Sequence Speeded up x4
Straight leg jump back and through plus handstands...
Krishnamacharya's Yogasanagalu ?
Vinyasa Krama Jump through and jump back

March (25)
Do I take the manduka?
Squatting what's with the Squatting?
Knees down heels up.
And now Intermediate after the six week lay off.
First Ashtanga primary series in six weeks : )
Vinyasa Krama simplified Supine Sequence Speeded up
Vinyasa Krama Asymmetric seated Sequence, speeded up
More dropback exercises
Vinyasa Krama Inverted sequence, speeded up x4
Something has to go. Vinyasa Krama 200 hr TT course
Tony Sanchez Yoga Challenge 84 classic asana,
Vinyasa Krama Inverted Sequence
An evening's backbends; dropback exercises and Kapo
Sun Salutation with mantras
Better Supine Sequence
Vinyasa Krama Supine Sequence
Dropback, it's the hips, stupid.
Towards Gandha Bherundasana
More work on dropbacks and hanging
Pranayama, Pranayama, Pranayama
Kapotasana, ankles I'm tellin ya, ankles!
Hanumanasana, there's an App for that :
VK Bow sequence,
Just hanging
Srivatsa Ramaswami's 200 hour VinyasaKrama TT course

February (19)
Back bends, current state of play
Two weeks off. Back bending!
First Hang back
Drop back, bent knee excercise
Vinyasa Krama Lotus Sequence,Some favourite asanas...
Vinyasa Krama Seated Sequence.
Pranayama? There's an App for that.
How to Approach S. Ramaswami's Complete book of Vinyasa krama
Right argument, wrong discipline
S. Ramaswami's Newsletter on Meditation
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January (12)
Iyengar Drop Back challenge Day 1
Multiple Drop Back's
Pascal 'V' Kierkegaard redux
Iyengar : ""When I was young, I played. Now I stay...
Dropback progress : The Spring
Glucosamine & Chondroitin, Karandavasana.
Back with the program....pretty much.
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A sustainable, life long, Practice
Migrating for the winter ; new practice room

2011 my year in posts

I wasn't planning on doing one of these this year but every other blog I open seems to have one which got me looking at the one I wrote last year 2010 my year in posts. That was just a list of the blog post for the year, can't really do that this time as I have 90 odd VK Subroutine posts for my Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book. Still, can't help looking back and noticing a few posts I liked and besides, I wanted to get an idea of what happened with my practice this year.

January (18 Posts)
I wrote a post on Plans for 2011 lets see...

Mysore? Nope
Rolf in Goa? Nope
KYM? Nope
Heidegger's hut in the black forest? Almost but nope
Sicily? Again, not this year, difficult with the Chinchilla though did manage a mini break to Athens to see our old Philosophy professor.
Heidegger and Yoga blog? Started it but never saw the light of day.
Consolidate 2nd? Didn't I just write the same thing yesterday?
Advanced series with David Williams' poster? Guess so but for three postures and only really practiced Advanced B a couple of times as a series so don't think it counts.
Putting together a poster of the Vinyasa krama sequences? If I only knew ...turned out to be a book rather than a poster.
Get back into chanting? yes....but then no, dropped off again.
Clean my manduka? yes , of course.....couple of times.

Feburary (16 posts)
I'd forgotten this, I wrote a post Yoga injury in February about a back injury playing up, an old one from my pizza throwing days that I seemed to reawaken when I fell off my bike. So that was in Feburary, I've been in pain ever since, every practice (affects forward bending more than backbends), and for the last month I haven't been able to do much in the morning, just beginning to show some signs of improvement. So it's been a year...perhaps I should see somebody about it... but I'm English...don't like to be a bother. That post led to my painkiller poll post 

End of the month, First time coming up without turning the feet out.

March (14 posts)
The whole month seemed to get taken over by the silly discussion of Kino's shorts, Yogi's! put some clothes on and the blogosphere turned a little sour as everyone took sides, not our finest hour, probably led to me deciding to take a break from blogging with the warmer weather was on it's way, Gone Fishing. Looking at the pictures in that post I'd been practicing a lot of the Advanced series.

Was away from blogging a week. Back so soon? Interestingly I've been thinking about taking a break from blogging over the last couple of weeks, might as well not bother.

April (19 posts)
April started with a Mea Culpa as I realised how tatty my primary had become with all the tweaking and mixing of styles. This was as a result of Practising along with Sharath, back when he did that live feed from Encinitas. I captured the stream and practiced along with it every morning for a month.

May (27 posts)
An Ashtanga focus by the look of it, the month dominated by the tictak challenge

The Namarupa : Richard Schechner's notebook on his studies with Krishanamacharya that came out at the end of the month was a highlight. was, I'm ashamed to say, for me anyway, my Completely pointless yoga party trick # 7 : Lotus without hands

June (23 posts)
When a blog post comes back to bite you : 108 Dropback challenge, AC reminded me of the 108 drop back challenge. Managed it a week or two later, the speeded up video is here Summer Solstice : 108 dropbacks. UPDATE

Seems to be around here that I started to look again at yoga philosophy, What is practice and how does it become well established? a thread that started here with the yoga sutras and led to the Gita as it was. I think what I forgot, missed or failed to understand for a while, was that Ramaswami had a strong Yoga Sutra focus, Raja yoga and that the asana, the pranayama practice were very much in the service of that, an integrated practice.

Ashtanga strikes me more now as having a Hatha yoga focus in the sense of Hatha Yoga Pradipika , the Raja yoga is almost put to one side for a while, work on your hatha and then when your ready, when you've been through the threshing floor you can start to think about Raja yoga. That's not a criticism, there's a strong argument there.

July (17 posts)
First time practicing 4th as a series seems a long time ago now.

Our beloved Claudia's book came out Book review : 21 Things to know before starting an ashtanga practice Blogs 3rd Birthday

Would I be welcome at your Shala? was related to the Norman Blair article The Box

I launched my Vinyasa Krama Blog, Launching my NEW blog : Practicing Vinyasa Krama Yoga at Home figured Ashtangi's weren't always that interested in the VK posts and those coming to VK not really up on the Ashtanga intertextuality.

Oh and I got my heels back in kapo after three months, nice to know it'll come back, only managed my toes yesterday. This was at the hotel in Wales where I went for a week and Practiced all the Vinyasa Krama sequences Holiday practice update

August (25 posts)
Hit by the 2nd series truck

Stories : Saxophones to Yoga mats

My favourite blog post from the whole blog not just this year Yoga, it aint Rocket Science

Liked the Yoga Bookshelves post, feel free to keep sending them in.

Seemed to be practising mostly vinyasa krama, working at exploring the rhythm of the practice with Mingus Mingus Mingus

Kapo ankles back thanks to Vinyasa Krama Bow sequence

September (23 posts)
Cured the back pain for a couple of weeks with pasasana

Spent a lot of time this month reading the original 84 verse version of the Gita without all the god stuff The Original Gita. No Surrender! ( Updated with the original Gita? ) as it was and the Original yoga sutras

I also started work on my Vinyasa Krama Practice book, started off as just the sequences, then all the subroutines for the 2nd edition and now I'm just finishing off the last of the practice notes for each subroutine to be published for free download in a week or two. So many resources for Ashtangi's that I wanted to put something out there that might be helpful for anyone struggling with Ramaswami's book and turning it into a viable home practice.

October (51 posts)
The practice notes for the book take up most of the year, amusing to see that while my page hits dropped off there was a huge hike when I posted an old Sharath video. other hikes tend to be when I post on backbends or jump backs : ) Should have added google advertising back when I started this blog and didn't post about much else, could have made a fortune.

Did find time to posit the question Is Ashtanga compatible with Vinyasa Krama?

and look at how I've jumped back and forth between the two like  ...a ridiculous Mexican Soap Opera

November (52 posts)
I was asked What books influenced your yogic and/or spiritual Life ? I should come back to this, there are books that I would recommend must have a think about that and post something in the new year.

Some improvement in backbends, Raja kapotasana, first toes to head followed quickly by Ganda Bherundasana : first toes to head... and a tentative new project. and I have penguin feet : first drop back without lifting heels PLUS Heather Morton's back bending DVD

Started a Samakonasana Challenge and managed to touchdown but it seemed to play havoc with my badha konasana so have put it on hold, perhaps I rushed it.

A rare talkie, on How to do headstands

December (55 posts)
Started to thin about my Ashtanga practice this month Working out the lift into Upavishta Konasana B which led to YOGA MALA: '...we keep tearing pages out there'll be nothing left' and Full Vinyasa

Wake up call - The hidden arm balance series made me notice how weak I've become recently with my fancy-trick free Primary and focus on pranayama in  my VK practice as well as a general lack of discipline in my practice and no doubt as a result, life in generalNearly the end of the year....  I'm still practicing, still twice a day but it all feels a little ...slack, let things slip a little. And so 2nd series, nice to see you again. Nothing focusses the mind like 2nd series.
So the year seems to end where it began, with the desire to tidy up and consolidate my 2nd series practice,

Ashtanga only seems possible with full commitment.Vinyasa Krama allows for more flexibility, a shorter asana practice in favour of a stronger pranayama and meditation focus, you can get away with that. If I'm still going to practice Ashtanga, and it seems it's still my practice, then I just have to get on and practice it as it is. 2nd series, five days a week with a Primary on Friday does seem to be the only way to go about it.

Despite  the odd hike in visits when I post on backbends, jump backs, Kino or Sharath or the drop off when I post on Vinyasa Krama there does seem to be a number of regular readers who seem to put up with or make allowances for whatever nonsense I go off on. Never sure how to read the stats, by google analytics it seems there ranges from 300 to 400  visitors a day, Blogger has it at 700 to 800 page views, no idea what all that means but thank you to everyone who visits and comments even when it's to give me a hard time.

I especially love that I get so many visitors from all over the world, I don't tend to look at the stats that much but I love the feedjit widget down on the bottom right of the blog and seeing all the different flags. I know language can be a problem if English isn't your first language, I was an English teacher for a number of years. My apologies if my posts are confusing sometimes. Perhaps if you don't want to write or ask a question in the public comment box, please feel free to send me an email or get in touch through FB.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see more of here, a posture you struggle with or some aspect of the practice, can only say how I've approached it, what's worked for me but often somebody else will chip in with a comment on something perhaps more useful.

2012 My year in posts

Nice thing about having a blog is that you get the chance use the posts as a way of looking back over the year. Annoyingly blogger won't let me invert the full list and allow me to start with January so I thought I'd pick out a couple of posts to highlight month by month.

I'd forgotten all about my first choice, interesting for me to read back through it, brought the dreams right back, could still see the images.

Two Mysore dreams.... or was that three UPDATED

It concerns a couple of dreams I had in January 2012 about visiting Mysore in January 2013, next month in fact. Funnily enough I ended up deciding, emphatically, that it wasn't for me ( bit embarrassed by the update now) but here I am this week musing again, this time about January 2014. No matter what, I seem to end up hanging my practice, at times quite loosely, on a pretty standard Ashtanga ...ish framework. I might explore lengthening the breath or developing the vinyasa krama's inherent in the sequences or build a more integrated practice around it perhaps but at the core there are still those same Yogasanagalu/Yoga mala Ashtanga postures, the focus on breath, fo linking the breath with the movement,  bandhas, a focused drishti. It seems to make sense to quietly visit Mysore one year or other, if the opportunity arises, and see what it holds for me.

My Current practice keeps getting updated in the post below. I need to add something on my plans for the new year to explore lengthening the breath throughout 2nd series in a similar way to how I've been approaching Primary over the last few months.

Developing a home practice parts 28, 29 and 30 (.....

Current Practice Original Ashtanga / Ashtanga / Vi...

I remember I thought  about giving up on the blog at the beginning of the year but decided against it.

Deleting a blog

It always seems to be the way but whenever I think about quitting blogging I end up posting more than ever, over three hundred posts again this year. In fact, the plan remained, for much of the year,  to call it a day once Satya finished the Yogasanagalu translation, thankfully the last chapter has been a while in coming as I've been enjoying blogging again recently..

Besides so often we seem to stop blogging just when it gets ...interesting, when the focus shifts from the asana to exploring around the asana or even new ways of perceiving, tyhinking about, asana. I'm not sure I can do that justice but do want to stick with it for a while and see what comes up.

The blog seemed to have served it's purpose. I'd originally wanted to record my practice as I began to work at new postures etc, catch the moment, perhaps on video, when I first nailed a particularly tricky posture or transition. I always figured that was something relatively unique (at the time anyway), a completely different perspective from showing or teaching a posture that your comfortable with ( there were plenty of videos of perfect postures and jump backs etc). I've thought about doing some new jump back posts but I won't be able to capture again what it was exactly that seemed, at the time anyway, to make the difference. When I jump back now I think lift and up I go. I can try and break down what I think I'm doing and that can be useful too but then there are lots of excellent teachers out there doing that who do it better than I ever could. Same with kapo, dropping back etc, I can give you a list of things that work for me now but I find it hard to remember (without looking back through the blog) what seemed to make the most difference at the time.

So a lot less videos of my practice this year, not a bad thing perhaps. I mentioned a posture to a friend recently, she wasn't familiar with the name I was using so googled it and ended up with an old video of mine, thrusting my hips up into the air in nothing but a pair of Nike pros's. Now that always seemed fine in the context of the blog, the Vinyasa krama sequences I was showing but out of context, winced a little.

Here's a run through then of some of my favourite posts of the year or at least those I think are perhaps most, if not important, then relevant. Of course at the beginning of every month there's also Ramaswami's newsletters which  are always rewarding to take another look at.

I'm glad I did continued with the blog because it was in January that Nancy Gilgoff generously shared the 1974 original Ashtanga Syllabus.

Dear Nancy... ' Yoga as it was" Nancy Gilgoff arti...

That led to a series of posts on The Rishi Sequence. David Williams supposedly asked Pattabhi Jois what came next after Advanced series and Guruji came back with the Rishi series, ten postures held for something like fifty breaths. Perhaps it was a joke but Manju Jois did say in a interview that his father would stay in postures for a long time.  Iyengar of course has extended stays in postures and just recently I've been reading some Prashant Iyengar where he explores the spiritual possibilities of asana, suggesting perhaps long stays. Either way I explored the idea in a series of posts, testing which asana of Primary and Intermediate a long stay of 25-50 breaths seemed possible and/or beneficial. the link below is to the series of posts that i keep at the top of the blog.

I also uploaded my Vinyasa Krama practice book to Amazon for the Kindle app. This was basically a stand alone companion to Ramaswami Complete book of Vinyasa Yoga. The idea was to give a more user friendly, quick reference, layout of the Vinyasa Krama sequences, as well as hints, tips and cautions for most of the asana and subroutines that I'd picked up through writing the blog. It was 'published' in a bit of a rush when I was off work sick and in serious need of revision, if not a complete rewrite. Still, I kind of have a soft spot for it. The practice sheets don't work so well on the original kindle but are kind of OK on the Kindle app for iPad or you PC/Mac. Come to think of it they probably work OK on the new kindle.

My Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book now on Kindle

I also submitted this before and after post to Elephant Journal

Hey NYT, my body was pretty much wrecked....

In February Satya Murthy and I began to translate Krishnamacharya's 1941 text Yogasanagalu. Well, not really I, it's Satya who has done all the hard work, I just post it. I believe most of the book is translated now. The asana descriptions are supposedly the same as in Krishnamacharya's Yoga Makaranda although less of them. Satya's currently working on the extra added chapter from the later editions.

Krishnamacharya's Yogasanagalu

Thank you again to Satya for all the hard works. I think seeing the Asana table and how closely it resembles the Ashtanga series we know today was quite a revelation as well as the focus on the breath and a more integrated practice, especially with regards to pranayama .

The Confluence event in LA happened in February or March I forget which, but in March I transcribed much of Richard Freeman's backbending workshop from the confluence video. That had a powerful influence on my practice so much so  that I booked my first workshop ever, with Richard later in the year.

Richard Freeman AYC backbending workshop transcrib...

In April I ended up teaching my first Vinyasa Krama 'lessons' or rather sharing some of Ramaswami's teaching more directly

Taught my first Vinyasa Krama Class yesterday

By May Satya had reached Krishnamacharya's Yogasanagalu asana table in his ongoing translation but I also posted on the 1928 Suryanamaskara of Balasahib.

Balasahib's 'original' 1928 Suya Namaskar , sun sa...

In June I posted an article on Elephant journal, had completely forgotten about this one

Am I Missing Something Vital in My Lifelong Yoga Practice? The title coming from a line in one of Ramaswami's Newsletters.

My Article on Elephant

July I went alone to Santorinin to have a kind of solo workshop focusing on Krishnamacharya's presentation of asana in Yoga makaranda and Yogasanagalu. I'd also got my hands on his Salutations to the teacher and the Eternal one which AG Mohan later released as Yoga Makaranda (Part II). Plus I wanted to do a close reading of Aranya's commentary on the Yoga Sutras

Yoga on Santorini, 80 rounds Pranayama, Manduka's ...

Another post from that month that still seems significant for my practice is the one on effulgence below

August I ended up going green smoothie crazy. Unfortunately it turned out that Spinach wasn't good for me and I ended up with kidney Stones. The MRI also showed too that I had Osteoarthritis

Sun salutations for Osteoarthritis of the spine

September I took the Richard Freeman Intensive in London that I mentioned earlier. It continues to have a major influence on my practice and was yet another reminder that I didn't really want to, indeed had no reason to give up on Ashtanga altogether just because my practice, or at least the shifting focus of my practice, is less conventional.

Richard freeman five day intensive Day One

I also received Salutations from another source with no preconditions about not sharing it.

Salutations to the Teacher and the Eternal One - ...

As well as the 1930's article in the French medical journal with the Krishnamacharya heart stopping/slowing experiments and translated for us by Matthieu.

Krishnamacharya 'stopping' ( or at least slowing) ...

Has one of my favourite posts of the year on Yvonne Millerand practice with Krishnamacharya in the 60's, which included some wonderful pictures. The article was also translated for us by Matthieu.

Yvonne Millerand student of Krishnamacharya in the...

Also this on mantra meditation and bringing it into the asana practice. i started with the Jesus prayer, moved on to the Loving kindness mantra and am currently using a long slowsoham. Soham is tricky to keep long so i have to keep slipping into one of the others to reset.

Dharana : Mantra Meditation is the new Black

Unfortunately October was also the month that news broke concerning Kausthub Desikachar abuse allegations that I still feel strongly I was correct to post on.

Kausthub Desikachar Allegations; Recognising the ...

In November AG Mohan released his original version of the Krishnamacharya Salutationsdocument and called it Yoga Makaranda ( Part II)

I also have a soft spot for this post on One asana One perfect breath

One asana with one perfect breath.

And so to December
I quite like this post on the evolution and influences on my own practice

Evolution of, and influences on, a practice

This one on Short arm Jump backs too and for several reasons not least of which is that this blog started out in the first post with jump Backs, amusing to find me still posting on it five years later.

Jumping back in Ashtanga with short arms, Angela J...

and this one from Yesterday on a little book by Prashant Iyengar which I hope will have a strong  influence on my practice next year.

A peek into Prashant Iyengar's Chittavijana of Yog...

Other plans for next year.

I want to continue working on the long slow breathing Krishnamacharya and Jois referred to, in the context of my Ashtanga practice.Where I've been focusing on the long breath in Primary over the last couple of months, I'm thinking I want to explore it in the context of Intermediate series. I'm looking to practice a relatively standard 2nd series five days a week for the year as well as explore some of Prashant Iyengar's ideas in the context of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Krama.

Continue developing my evening Vinyasa Krama, Pranayama and Meditation practice, looking forward too to Gregor Maehle upcoming Yoga Meditation book.

I've started following AG Mohan's online yoga Sutra's series, going sutra by sutra as it does it's a good opportunity to study together some of the important commentaries side by side.

Thinking too I should do some more Vinyasa Krama teaching, love the idea of a little church hall class, taking my evening Vinyasa Krama practice out of the home shala.

And who knows, perhaps Mysore next year. After a year of 2nd series it will be a joy perhaps to practice straight Primary again for a whole month.

So what about your year, any highlight's, important developments or shifting focus to your practice?

I also posted a couple of guest posts this year, thank you for all concerned for sharing your posts/content with us here.
 Guest Post: Krishnamacharya's Yoga Makaranda (part...

 Guest post: Three attendees of Richard Freeman's r...

 Guest post: Comparison of Advanced series in 1974 ...

 Guest post: Notes from 2012 Ashtanga Mela at Kripal...


Virtual Transmission, Visceral Practice: the Cybershala... - A section from Kiri Miller's book Playing along

 Jumping back in Ashtanga with short arms, Angela J... - Not exactly a guest post but it was built around Angela Jamison's comment on an earlier post concerning jumping back with short arms.

 THE JAMES AND CLAUDIA KRIPALU WORKSHOP – THE DAILY... - Again, not exactly a guest post but I wanted to include it here.

So thank you for reading/visiting

Thank you too to everyone who commented this year

...or thought about it ( perhaps next time, please do even, indeed especially, if you disagree), please don't be put off by not having commented before or by thinking your perhaps too new to the practice.

....sorry about the 'I'm not a robot check',

NB. Posts older than two weeks get approved before appearing to reduce spam

...and to the spammers who make blog commenting more awkward, thanks but no thanks.

Here's the complete list of last years posts.

▼  2012 (308)

2013 A year in posts - New Ashtanga Vinyasa resource Pages, favourite posts of the year

Our Christmas Day Vegetarian Timpani, all kinds of things in it,  my 4 hour ragu, two kinds of Tortellini , Mozzarella balls, Vegetarian sausage with fennel seeds, peas, cavatappi curly pasta, spinach, peas, Parmesan, eggs....and yet it worked.

Indulge me. Nice thing about blogging is that you get to look back over the year and remember some things you'd forgotten through rereading old posts.

I'd forgotten for instance how I'd started the year deciding to let go of Ashtanga to focus on teaching, and thus practicing, Vinyasa Krama - we teach only what we practice, right. As it happens, as the year progressed and I continued to research Krishnamacharya, the Ashtanga I found in Krishnamacharya's early book Yoga Makaranda allowed me to bring the two approaches together more comfortably. And taking Manju's workshop in Crete late in the year allowed me to see the current Ashtanga in Krishnamacharya's Ashtanga.

I'm much more comfortable in my own practice and thus more confident to share that, teaching a little here at home and now it seems offering workshops. I gave my first workshop last month, and I'll be teaching three classes along similar lines at the Yoga Rainbow festival in Turkey mid May and should be teaching a similar workshop to the one I gave in Leon this time in Valencia towards the end of January (dates to be confirmed on that one).

Oh and this is new, a print version of my Vinyasa Yoga Practice Book, available on Lulu now and soon on Amazon, it's expensive though because it's A4 over 400 pages,costs a fortune to print unfortunately, it's  still available for free though as a pdf on my Free Downloads pageand a couple of quid on Amazon, as a Kindle/Ibook. I Should get my preview copy this week so don't buy it before I get to take a look and make sure they haven't screwed up the formatting. I'd always wanted to do a full edit on this but realised I'll probably never get around to it, it is what it is.
A. printed me out a copy a short while back and it looked OK, the pictures work better in an A4 book than on a kindle and I like that there are hints/tips/cautions for every posture or at least each subroutines.

Early next year I'll be moving back to Japan with M., she'll be going on ahead early February I hope to follow towards the end of May. I think I started Blogging in June 2008 so that will make, pretty much six years, might be time to call it a day...... but then again, what is it going to be like practicing in Japan, those long, hot,  humid summer's and what's the Ashtanga scene like in Japan, will I have the opportunity to teach, to promote Vinyasa Krama, perhaps get to explore more deeply  the meeting of Ashtanga and Zen. Japan may well be an interesting, inspiring place to blog from.....

Thank you too for those of you who contributed Guest posts, really enjoyed these, thank you

GUEST POSTS page now sits at the top of the blog.

other new resources pages this year are...


Started the year writing about giving up Ashtanga to focus on , and teach, Vinyasa Krama, a feeling of obligation. As the year went on and I focused on Krishnamachrya's Ashtang in Yoga Makaranda the distinction between the two styles dropped away.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

3 posts looking at Yogacarya Krishnamacharya - The Purnacarya. Edited by Mala Srivatsan

 Sunday, 27 January 2013

Thursday, 31 January 2013


Looking at Krishnamacharya through the work of his son, T. K. Shribashyam as well as his involvement with the Krishnamacharya documentary Breath of God

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

David Robeson's drum CD was fun to explore

Monday, 11 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Ashtanga Yoga Conference, several posts and videos on this

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

and sadly my chinchilla, Nietsche passed after 19 years with us

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Looking more closely at Yoga Makaranda again and finding an Ashtanga primary series hidden away, this would evolve into the workshop I taught earlier this month

Saturday, 13 April 2013


I'd started to consider Manju's TT workshop in Crete and came across a copy of this Derek Ireland tribute magazine

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

exploring how long a slow count full vinyasa primary would actually take

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Mid May I got sick and it went on for months, right up until the week before Manju's workshop

Sunday, 16 June 2013


My defence of Ashtanga

Monday, 1 July 2013

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Manju's workshop, below is the last post on this but it includes links to the other four

Thursday, 29 August 2013

and I began to consider teaching...

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Looking through these old posts I liked this one on Ashtanga and Zen

Friday, 20 September 2013


More early Krishnamacharya workshop

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

and exploring Mantra in the practice, on every breath on the practice, here loving Kindness but later extended to lamrim meditation

Thursday, 17 October 2013

and this 'tutorial' for Jessica because it goes back to where this blog started, with the jump back

I liked this post on the old man of Hasan, which followed on from Michelle's guest post on More to Mysore

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Yet more Krishnamacharya research

Saturday, 2 November 2013

And some fun exploring Chakra baandhasana this is the final post on the month long challenge

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My favourite post of the year...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

and we finally decided to set things in motion for moving back to Japan early 2014.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


A great find...
Monday, 2 December 2013

yep, the krishnamacharya research never seems to end..

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I gave my first workshop in Leon, Spain

Friday, 20 December 2013

have another coming up next May

Tuesday, 17 December 2013
I'm on the teaching list for Yoga Rainbow Festival in Turkey next May

and finally, this post exploring what happened to the Kumbhaka, how and why it doesn't appear to have been transmitted from teacher to student, from Krishnamacharya to Pattabhi Jois during those Mysore years.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013
Did Sri K. Pattabhi Jois leave out the 'heart' of the practice?

Looking ahead to 2014 the plan is to continue exploring  Krishnamacharya 'original' Ashtanga, looking at his middle group of asana from his 1941 book Yogasanagalu 'tweaked' into Ashtanga Intermediate series order but with the approach to asana Krishnamacharya lays out in Yoga Makaranda (1941), the slower breathing, longer stays and yes, kumbhaka.

My Vinyasa Yoga practice book should be in print by the end of next week and I have a book on Krishnamacharya planned for before leaving for Japan around the end of May.

Happy New year

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"So, as I said, Kalamas: 'Don't go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, "This contemplative is our teacher." When you know for yourselves that, "These qualities are unskillful; these qualities are blameworthy; these qualities are criticized by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to harm & to suffering" — then you should abandon them.' Thus was it said. And in reference to this was it said.

"Now, Kalamas, don't go by reports, by legends, by traditions, by scripture, by logical conjecture, by inference, by analogies, by agreement through pondering views, by probability, or by the thought, 'This contemplative is our teacher.' When you know for yourselves that, 'These qualities are skillful; these qualities are blameless; these qualities are praised by the wise; these qualities, when adopted & carried out, lead to welfare & to happiness' — then you should enter & remain in them. Buddha - Kalama Sutta


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